The WORLD TOOL AWARD Winners are:

All WORLD SMART HOME AWARD Winners will be announced in January 1970

Steinel MobileHeat 5
( Cordless hand-held power tools / Cordless hot air blower )
Steinel MobileHeat 5
premium award

The cordless hot air blower MobileHeat 5 from Steinel wins the WORLD TOOL AWARD in the Premium class of the cordless hot air blower category. The WORLD TOOL AWARD is given to the MobileHeat 5 because it particularly impressed the jury in terms of innovation and functionality.

The WORLD TOOL AWARDS are presented annually. With the awards, the jury of experts recognizes products that stand out from the competition thanks to new ideas or technologies, precise and durable workmanship, and the use of high-quality materials, or an outstanding relationship between cost price and user value.